Mmm, cake...

I saw a head of long, straight, fiery red hair attatched to a tall, slim body raiding the giant stainless refrigerator in the enormous black kitchen. “Viridiana!” I said. “Are you always hungry?”
She came over to the large, round table carrying armfuls of miscellaneous foods with an apologetic look on her face. I glanced at Olivia, who was sitting there, munching on some chips, reading As You Like It. “Olivia, are you seriously reading Shakespeare? That is SO OLD !”
“Shh,” she said, “don’t care. It’s good. Leemeelone.” And she was absorbed in the book.
“So, whrrwegonganwy?” Viridiana said.
“V, swallow, then talk.”
She gulped down some chocolate cake. “Where are we going?”
I looked at her nervously. “Um… Rainn seems to be keeping that a secret. Heheh.”
Her mouth dropped open. “You mean you don’t know?! Well does he know, at least?”
“I sure hope so, V. I sure hope so.”

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