Drama, anyone?

Just then, Rainn appeared next to me and I shrieked.
“Dangit, man, just because you went to the Advanced Institution of New Technologies and you learned how to use self-teleportation doesn’t mean it’s necessary all the time!” I said as I slugged him across the arm.
He laughed. “I know, but it’s funny when I freak you out like that.” He reached over and grabbed a chip. “So, don’t let me interrupt your conversation. What were you talking about before I got here?”
“Um, just this cake… you should have some. It’s really good,” V said.
Rainn took a piece and squandered over to Olivia. “Don’t read over my shoulder,” she said, not looking up.
He backed off and said, “It’s creepy how she does that. ...Well, I gotta go to the bathroom. Be right back.”
“Thanks for telling us,” V said.
“Anytime,” Rainn shouted over his shoulder as he left.
“Soooo, what were you two doing up there?” V asked, winking.
“Um… steering the ship?” I said. “Rainn and I are friends, V. Just friends.” ...I think.

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