If only life were a comic book...

“Wow, that bathroom’s huge,” Rainn said, coming back down the steps. “I’m not kidding. It’s like a football field in there!”
“A what?” V asked with a confused look on her face.
Rainn sighed. “It’s an ancient sport where large men ran and hit each other all for an eye-shaped brown ball.”
“Wow, sounds pointless,” I said.
“Pretty much,” Rain responded.

Later that night, V and I were in our room. (There were only three rooms on the ship, and each had two beds. Olivia was certainly not a morning person, so she was alone. And since Rainn was a guy, it made sense for him to have his own room.) Since V and I were roommates in college, we were used to these late-night conversations.
“It amazes me how big this ship is, Abbi,” V said.
“Yup. Pretty impressive,” I agreed. Viridiana’s grey-green eyes scrutinized my pale oval face. “Yes?” I asked.
“Nothing. You were just kind of spacing out. No pun intended.”
“I was just thinking… what are we even doing here?”
V smiled. “Having an adventure?”

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