Excuse me, I need my beauty sle--what is that?!

I woke up, someone shaking me. Forgetting where I was, I asked, “Mom?...” (Man, I was out of it. I moved out of my parent’s house when I was nineteen… that was four years ago!)
“I am most certainly not your mother,” Rainn’s voice whispered angrily. “Now, get up, I have to show you something!” He grabbed my elbow and guided me to the automatic doors in complete darkness.
The doors slid open and the lights of the main room blinded my brown-green eyes. “Ugh, why are we out here?”
Rainn remained silent, pulling me along to the giant window in the library. “Look,” he whispered.
I gaped at the sight before me. There were two figures in the stars, dancing. The figures were made up of billions of stars all swirling together. They bounded through the sky, twirling and flipping beautifully. “But how…?”
“It’s a once-in-a-millenium event, Aibfinnia,” he said. “It’s called Danse des Amoureux.”
“It’s beautiful…” I said, still awed. And we spent the rest of the night sitting there, watching.

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