Andrea's date with Lucas

“You need to go anyway and break it off with him before he does it to you” Krissy suggests.
Andrea stops crying for a moment to listen to Krissy.
“You know what, i think you’re right”
“And Christian, you better not call to warn him, i’ll make sure you don’t” Krissy says.
Christian puts his hands up and shrugs “fine by me!”
Andrea gets up, and heads to the bathroom to fix her makeup.
5 minutes later, she comes out and picks up her bag and leaves.

Arriving at Pizza Place
“Hey Andrea, how are you?” Lucas says as he Kisses Andrea on the cheek
“I’m ok and how are you?”
“Perfect!” Lucas says
“And what makes you think you’re perfect, huh?”
“Uhh the fact that i’m here with you duh!” Lucas says
“Oooh quiet the charmer aren’t you?”
“Wait, what’s going on?” He says.
“what’s going on is, i can never be with someone like you, and i’m sorry i ever liked you.”
Andrea says as she gets up and walks away.
Lucas quickly gets up and grabs her hand as she walks away “What are you talking about?”

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