A Mission

How exciting! Our heroes have a mission to complete! Perhaps if they do well, they shall be released.
The mission of The Three is to make a long and tedious journey to the land of Snickleforgabomshilifondo.
You see, the king from this land is growing very old and wants his son to marry one of the queens of I Don’t Know. Basically, all they want is more land and more power. Sad isn’t it? The land of IDK is on the coast of the Shivering Sea, and they are very successful in trading the delectable Lucky Charms cereal. It is because of this that if the prince marries one of the queens, Snickleforgabomshilifondo will increase their wealth and power. (After all, Lucky Charms are extremely popular!)
The problem is, the prince wants to marry Aurora but she thinks that he’s a jerkface. So the knights will have to try to convince the prince that marrying her is not a good idea.
How will they accomplish this task? Will they be able to convince the prince? Can they even make it there? For ficlets sake, I sure hope so!

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