Brett.. and Ashley's Math Notebook

“Hey Brett, what’s up?” Cameron had a plan to find out where Ashley lived.

“Ashley and I just broke up.” Brett sounded like he was about to cry. Cameron felt bad about going behind one of his best friends backs just for a girl. But something about her he just couldn’t resist.

“Are you serious? Why” Cameron was still curious about why Ashley had been so upset.

“I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, you can’t let anyone know. Ryan would kill me, along with my parents and all my ex-girlfriends… Cameron, I’m Bisexual. So is Ryan. Ashley was my girlfriend and Ryan was her best friend. She caught us making out in the back parking lot of school today. I felt horrible.” Brett wondered why he was suddenly confessing all of this to Cameron.

“Wow. I must say I didn’t see that coming. I know this is totally the wrong time to ask this but, I found Ashley’s math notebook and I want to return it to her… What’s her address?” Cameron didn’t feel all that bad for this anymore. Brett deserved it.

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