Up In His Room

Eve obviously looked scared, so Dante gave her an encouraging smile as she walk forward.
She wrapped her warm arms around his muscular stomach and they start off.
“You okay?” Dante said loudly to Eve.
She felt her nod.
“Good, we’re almost there!” He said.
Dante coasted into his driveway and helped Eve off. Eve took Dante’s hand as he led her into his house. He opened the door and gestured around.
“What do you think?” He asked.
“It’s nice.” Eve smiled.
“Lets go up to my room.” He said.
They went up the stairs and Dante opened a door that revealed a well lit room, with a large bed and many drawings hung up on the wall.
“Wow.” Eve mused. “Are these all yours?”
Dante nodded as she scrolled the walls.
Oh, crap! Dante thought, and rushed up to plat his back against the wall.
She can’t see the drawing I did of her! Its probably horrible!
“Dante?” Eve asked. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing.” He lied.

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