Oddie and Pooh

In the land of Og, lived Oddie and Pooh, they were best friends. one day Oddie told Pooh that he wanted to venture out to Bogg.

Pooh, was very scard that Oddie would even suggest that he would venture to Bogg.

Bogg was a place that the land of Og would never go to. It had dangerous mystical powers and creatures that could cast spells on you.

“Oddie, every year you say this, and every year you don’t go.”

“Pooh, this is the year that I am leaving Og, it’s nothing here to do accept eat insects and swim.”

“Yeah, yeah what ever, hey lets go find some todd jelly.”

” Is that all you can do is think about your stomach.”

“I am hungry though.”

” Hey Oddie, I heard my father say that soon the food would be gone in our land”

“What!!! food supply gone!.”


“That want happend, this land stretches as far as the sea”

“Well, thats what my father says.”

Oddie and Pooh jump into the stream in search of todd jelly. Bogg was always on the mind of Oddie, he just long for…...

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