Christian threatens Lucas

“yeah play it dumb, that’s what you guys do best.”
Andrea says trying to escape his tight grip.
“No I’m serious, what are you talking about? Did Sean say something stupid again?”
“No, Christian, your BFF told me how you wanted to break things off with me”
“You mean Christian, Krissy’s brother?”
“Duh!” Andrea says, still trying to get his grip loosened.
“I don’t even know the kid” Lucas picks up his cell phone and gives Christian a call
“Yello!” Christian says picking up the phone
“What’s your deal, dude? Why are you putting words in my mouth and since when are we best friends, I talked to you two times in my entire life”
“She’s too good for you, have you forgotten about Jade? Would you like me to refresh your memory?” Christian says threateningly
“Umm no need for all that, what do you want?”
“I want you to leave Andrea alone!”
“You’re in no position to be asking questions but i’ll grant you that one answer, I like her and if you don’t break up with her, i’ll tell her about Jade”

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