I hate to tell you this, but... you're not a secret agent.

“Olivia! Were you dropping eaves?!” I asked, appalled, and slightly quizzical. Why was she up that late?
“Oh, come on, Abbi, you know I don’t really sleep. Although, I didn’t hear that much. You guys were pretty quiet. What exactly were you doing?”
“Um… he wanted to show me a thing outside, Danse des Amo…something. It was dancing in the stars… and it was beautiful.”
“If it was so beautiful, why didn’t he wake Viridiana or me up?”
I frowned. “I don’t know. Maybe he thought you guys needed your sleep or something.”
“Mhm… or maybe he wanted some special alone time with you?” Olivia suggested, raising an eyebrow.
“Um, no…” I paused. “Hey, I’m gonna go …somewhere else.”
“Oh…kay?” Olivia said, confused.
“So, bye,” I said, pushing past her. I walked into the bathroom and the doors slid open. I grabbed the mirror and stared into my hazel eyes. What is going on? I asked myself.
Just then, the doors slid open, Rainn barged in, and said briskly, “I need to talk to you, alone, now.”

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