Unspoken Words...

A small smile started to appear on her sad,reminiscing face…
It took her a while to process what she had just read upon her computer screen,
“i miss you a fair bit too kaz…”
the words seered her mind and stuck in her heart forever,as if frozen in time,her fingers took moments to come back to reality and reply,
Its all she could muster.
All she could manage…never did she think she would be seeing and believing such words,coming from the one guy who stole her heart..then tore it to pieces.

They had both moved on from what she had experienced as they best year of her life..yet the worse.
She had found herself a gorgeous, sweet, funny and all round amazing guy.. who she loved dearly.. except to see those words from a past love, melted her insides.
There was so much she wanted to say, so much she needed to say, but knew it was completely inappropriate.
He hadn’t wanted her, he had found someone else..
Yet here she sat, reading over and over again the unspoken words she craved to hear…

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