Shakespeare Academy

it turns out my first class is as dull as i expected it to be. I mean who could get excited over The HIstory of England? Though not for lack of trying from the teacher. Monsieur Hathaway was a little too perky while handing out 12-inch thick history book! im serious! i could barely lift it!

Next period, English Literature. I mean COME ON ! I’m an Engish Literature CHARACTER for kicksey-wicksey’s sake! for this class, Lady Sonnet (how convienent) handed out huge class tomes, a copy of Romeo & Juliet (i wanted to punch the smirk of Juliet’s face. i mean what makes her so special she won’t even make to see sophomore year!), and Shakespeare’s Sonnets (omg!). bor-ing! Plus, so far, neither Demetrius or Hermia are in my classes. Oh Spite! Fie!

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