Not much elbow room in here.

“Um, all right?” I said.
Rainn grabbed my hand and ran to a room that I had never noticed before. These doors didn’t slide open, and he used his “magic” orange card to gain access to it. The room was almost pitch-black inside. My eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness. I saw that we were in a round room with a very high ceiling. The walls were extremely close, so Rainn’s body was almost pressed up against mine. There were shelves all around the room and they were lined with different rocks. Some were very big, and others were about the size of my thumbnail.
It was all very confusing.
“Rainn, what are we doing in here?” I asked him, holding his shoulders, forcing him to stop pacing around the room, rearranging the various rocks.
“It was the only place I could talk to you alone… I need to tell you something. Something important.”
My eyes widened. Uh-ohh. “Okay, well, what is it?”
“I have to tell you that—-”
I screamed. The rocks were falling from the walls like big, heavy snowflakes.

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