Shakespeare Academy

“oh really” i said indifferently
“Yes really!” she replied, her large brown eyes sparkling with excitement. The thing you need to know about Hermia is that she really is a sweetie and is also very pretty. People just don’t realize it because she always tucks her hair into a baseball cap adn wears large, loose clothing. Now me on the other hand, i just usually wear jeans, an old T-shirt, adn my hair in a ponytail.
“what?” i answered exhausperated. (?)
“There is going to be a homecoming dance next weekend, and WE’RE going!”
“crazy lady say what”
“We’re going to the homecoming dance!” She beamed at me
” what makes you think that?”
“I already bought our tickets.” she said sheepishly
“YOU DID WHAT ?!?!?!?”

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