Bang, and you're not dead!

Bang, bang, bang

“Hell-o? Anybody hoooome?”

Oh, geez. Don’t tell me she’s actually going to try and peek in through the space between the door and the floor. I wonder how long she can keep this up for.

Fifteen minutes later...

Bang, bang, bang

“Open up, darling. Don’t you want your mooooch-mooooch?”

Man, my knees are getting tired. And this stupid broom handle is sticking into my back. Lemme just remove it and -

“J-Johnny? That you? I’m sorry for being such a crybaby. Can we make up now?”

Oh, great. So this is where Daisy Perkins ran crying to after her “boyfriend” Johnny Crumms called her weasel-face. Shoot me, but she’s gonna be wide awake from her nap in about…now. Will this lovelorn madness EVER end?

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