When Life Sucks and Gives You Lemons, Throw Them at the Ones You Love (Or Momentarily Hate, As the Case May Be)

Seeing as my entrance to Michelle’s new lair was blocked by an ancient taboo, and I really was disgusted with the way george acted around Michelle, I did the only thing I could.

I left school and went home.

I had had enough of life for a day. Everyone could do perfectly well without me! Who really needed me to supply them with random words, and who really needed my help to get through a random bout of sadness?!?!

By now I was in quite a fuming rage at Michelle and george, and I was just about to walk out the the door, the gate of doom through which I entered every morning to submit myself to the tortures my teachers had thought of for the day.

When, of course, a giant hand in a nice buttoned-shirt and cuff links grabbed my shoulder and marched me right down to Principal Burrito’s office.

No, you heard me right. I was in deeper-than-the-Mariana-trench trouble, and I had my butt in a big, blue (and quite comfy) Barcelona chair in Senior Principal Johnathan Burrito’s office.

Trouble loomed.

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