Dog Daze

I looked up. This better be good, he’s interrupting my afternoon nap.
“Charlie, you have a bucket on your head.”
“Yeah, I know, Buster.”
“You might want to get that off.”
“I’m a tryin’!”
I rolled my eyes. Pups are sooo naive. I stretched out my legs and wandered over next to him.
“What were you trying to do with that bucket anyways?”
“There was a bug inside.”
“A bug?”
“Yes, a crawly wittle bug! I wanted to know what it tasted like.”
“You risked having a bucket head for the rest of your life just so you could eat a bug?”
“Well I didn’t know it’d get stucked!”
“Try swinging your head back and forth really fast.”
Charlie lifted his head and swayed unsteadily on his little legs. Then he violently swung his head back and forth until he lost balance and tumbled to the ground. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“It’s not funny.”
“Oh, but it is.” I replied.
Sniff “Will I really be stuck like this forever?”
No, hold on.”
I took the handle of the bucket and yanked as hard as I could.
“Yay! I’m free!”

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