Chocolate Chip Pancakes?

The morning sun slowly dissolved the dew clinging to every blade of grass, leaf, spider web, and vehicle along Harmony Waye.

Devon was oblivious, still asleep, twisted in her sheets upstairs. The handsome couple she called mom and dad were sipping coffee downstairs. Dark circles and worry lines made them look older and run down. Many times they would catch each other’s eye and sigh. There wasn’t anything more to say, no possibilities they hadn’t explored. They didn’t want to lose her, but they didn’t want to hide and create more problems either.

Soon, footsteps bounded down the stairs and blonde curls bounced into the kitchen and seated themselves at the table.

“Good morning, honey!” mom crooned, extra pleasant.

“Mornin’. What’s for breakfast?” Devon responded.

“Anything you want, sweetie,” Mom offered.

“Hmm.” Devon screwed up her face in mock concentration. “Chocolate chip pancakes? With chocolate milk?” she tried.

“Sure.” Mom acquiesced.

“Wow! Is it my birthday?!” Devon’s innocence made her smile.

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