Priceless, There ARE Somethings Money Can't Buy

“We’re standing right here!” Kevin cried indignantly. “Are you talking about us?”
“Maybe.” I said cryptically.
“Well, what is it?” Nick asked.
“Are you sure you want to know?” Emily said slowly.
“We wouldn’t want to creep you out…” I added.
“OK, After you.” I gestured toward Emily. Emily grinned. “I have 38 posters of Nick, 37 of Joe, 42 of Kevin and 44 of you together.”
I laughed hysterically when I saw their jaws hit the floor.
“That’s over 100 posters.” Nick trailed off in shock.
“Wait until you hear how many I have.” I smiled. “24 of Kevin, 31 of Nick and 22 of the three of you.”
I just loved the shock on their faces.
“What, you don’t have any of me?” Joe teased playfully.
I felt my face turn as red as my hair.
“Uh, a few.” I muttered.
“How many?” Joe prodded.”I’m not going to be mad if it’s not a lot.”
“That’s not what she’s worried about.” Emily giggled.
Joe waited expectantly.
I braced myself. “142.”
The look on his face was priceless. There ARE somethings money can’t buy.

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