BFF Betryal

My first freshman year in highschool was so close and I was freaking out. Of course Jesse saved me, like she did every time. Jesse was my best friend since preschool, she was always looking out for me and gave me the best advice.
When I got to the school, we had a grand introducing ceremony and then were sent out for recess or break.
I met Jesse, and turns out, she had met one of our worst enemies and had actually liked her. Her name was Christa Paropiniti.
Over the next few weeks I noticed that Jesse was hanging out with Christa so much, and never really hung out with me.
Atleast I met this really cute guy, who was in my language class. I hope I meet him again. He is amazing.
Christa ended up having a big freshman party, which of course, Jesse was invited to and I wasn’t.That Saturday, the day if the party, ifelt i had really lost my best friend.I was so down, I decided to go to the movies on my own, and see a fun, romantic comedy. Turns out someone was in that exact mood.

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