Really....I Miss You.

I missed you before we ever met.

That’s how I recognized you…that’s how I knew you were the one. I was never quite right when I was away from you, those many years ago. We were so young and the ‘tall ones’ assured us our feelings were simply teenaged angst.

When we met up again five years later, the pounding of my heart deafened all other feelings. I had finally gotten over
the feeling of losing you. I was shocked by my own sham…
I had missed you so.
I was broken when you never called back…

It’s been twenty years.
You looked wonderful when I opened that door.
Your smile, your gentleness. Your familiar voice, the way you laugh. It was like the years had melted away, yet we only spoke of how we had filled that lost time.

I had forgotten how much I missed you.
Now it’s too late.

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