Theresa (I miss you) Sequel to xxcatiexcatxx's challlenge

If my parent’s die I’m stuck with Chuck. And Amy. And their little Chuck and I think there’s another one I’m forgetting.

If you were alive I’d probably go to you. And Greg. I’d be with my cousins and my godparents. I’d get a little extra each year like the other one. The lucky one. The one whose godparents are still living.

Don’t worry. Your husband is still alive. He’s married to someone else, now. I hate her and she hates me. A lovely world we live in, isn’t it? I don’t even get a birthday card that says ‘Hi. We don’t really care but feel obligated to do this.’

I don’t even have good memories of you. You disapeared from my life so long ago. I vaguely remember seeing you once. And maybe twice.

I just wanted to know why you left them. Why you left me? Now I guess I know you didn’t have a choice. But I just wanted you to know I miss you. And I miss my family.

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