The Snap Back

Ok so no dream wedding, but after snapping back to reality I realized that it still seemed like a dream. I blinked a couple of times trying to keep my visible reactions to a minimal, I mean I wouldnt want anyone to think that a guy had never showed up at my door before.

Alright truth be told, it was a rare occurance, in fact only one guy had showed up at my door before and that was my former boyfriend. He had been the only one I had ever dated seriously and since we broke up nearly a year ago I hadnt even gone out on a date.

As if that wasnt pathetic enough, here I am a 22 year old college student, still living at home, and standing face to face with a man I had never formally met. I had danced with him the night before but I did not know his name, how old he was and I certainally did not know how he found my house. All I knew was that he had the remains of my high heeled shoe in his hand and it was my cue to say something. I put on my best smile and opened my mouth as I heard myself stamer, “Hello.”

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