Shakespeare Academy

I gave Hermia the cold shoulder throughout the rest of free period pretending to read my copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. i was so relieved when the bell signaling the end of my torture. I grabbed my stuff and ran out as fast as i could down the hall, to the left, then right, middle fork, loop-de-loop, diagnal, cul-de-sac, upside down, spiral down, and then a left to the door on my right. My next class. Poise. Alackaday! I stumbled into the room hoping Hermia wasn’t in this class. LUCK ! There was no sight of Hermia….or Demetrius for that matter (sob!) but i did see some new kid. For some strange reason it looked like he had horns. Taking a closer look i noticed that they were indeed real, bonefied, honest-to-goodness, HORNS ! What the—???

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