a new day

“Hi, my name is Cindy!â€?
I said to a popular girl while I stuck out my hand.
The popular girl just stared at me for a few seconds, laughed, then walked right past me.
“Nice job, idiot. They are going to think that I’m an eager, crazy little girl.â€?
I whispered to myself.
I really need to stop doing that.
I just shrugged it off and kept walking,
until I saw this really geeky girl.
The geeky girl came straight up to me,
like five inched away from me, and said,
“Hi, my name is Jesse!â€?
I immediately said back
“Hi, I’m Cindy, nice to meet you.â€?
Their eyes opened like they saw a ghost.
Amazingly, from that moment on we became friends.

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