A few days later…

“O.M.G. he’s so cute!â€?
I said as I banged, back first into my locker.
“Who?â€? Jesse asked eagerly. I said quickly
“You don’t know? Only the most popular guy in school…Derrik London.
Wow that’s scary,
you’re my best friend and you still don’t know the biggest crush of my life.â€?
“Of course I remember…I just forgot!?!â€?
Jesse said in a very high voice.
“Well anyw—“I Started until I suddenly stopped.
“What’s wrong?â€?
Jesse asked.
I said back “Shhh, there he is.â€?
I nearly fainted when he turned and looked at me.
“Hi, Derrik!â€?
said the meanest girl alive (proclaimed by Cindy)
“Uhhh! It’s her!â€? I said.
Jesse said, well coughed, “Cough, Cough, C-loser, Cough.â€?
Envi (the mean girl) heard Jesse,
she turned,
gave us a dirty look,
then turned back to talk to Derrk.
The only problem was he got swept away into a wave of kids going to their next class.

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