who was she?

I finally got the chance to call Jesse on her cell,
“O.M.G. Jesse he’s here and I think he recognized me!
Help, this is a bad situation, and what should I do? Help me!� I said pretty loudly,
thank god that he didn’t hear me.
Jesse said “um… um… stay calm.
Um…just pretend that your from a different town or… Sweden!?!â€?
“Your no help!â€?
I said back as I hung up the phone.
I decided to go back in.
I opened the door “ding, dongâ€? the door alarm went off.
“Hi, again, your order’s ready.â€? Derrik said.
“Oh, yeah, thanks.â€?
I took the big brown bag and ran off.
“Who was she?â€? I heard him ask as I left the shop.

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