we finally meet

When I arrived at the party…
“Hey, sis… I want you to meet some one.â€?
Bob said.
“Okâ€? I said hesitantly.
He brought me up to the balcony.
There he was… it was Derrik.
“Yo, Derrik.â€? My brother screamed.
“I want you to meet my sister, Cindy.
He screamed again.
Derrik turned around and his eyes opened widely “hey, your that girl!
You lied to me, you said that you didn’t go to Winter High.â€?
“Oh, yeah sorry about that.â€? I blushed.
As soon as I finished my small sentence,
Envi grabbed his arm and asked him to dance.
The whole time she asked that, she was starring right at me. I “go ahead, I’ve got to leave anywayâ€? I grabbed my brother and left the party.

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