the game

At the game…
“Woo! Go Bears!â€?
I screamed with bunches of other people.
The bears got another touchdown.
“Hut, hut, hike!â€? screamed the quarterback of the other team.
“Boo, boo!â€? the crowd screamed because the Cub’s had 1st down.
The last two minutes of the game…
The whole crowd was standing.
Bears had the ball… fumble… we got it again… at the 20 yard line…TOUCHDOWN!
The words were all a blur, but at the end of the game all I saw was people from my school empting onto the field
“We won! We won!â€?
Jesse screamed into my ear (I now think I’m deaf).
I decided to onto the field where people were jumping, hugging, and screaming.

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