Off to Snickleforgabomshilifondo!

And so The Three got ready to begin their journey. The queens met them the next morning to give them supplies, and wish them farewell. Well, two of them at least.
“But I wanna GO!
“Quinn, be quiet!” snaps Aurora.
“It’s dangerous! Why do you think we’re making these losers go instead of us?” Abella replies.
“Pardon me,” says Sir Gavin, “but I’m not a loser.”
“Yeah, we not losers,” says Sir Sebastian. “Sir Damien’s a bit arrogant but…”
Ohhhh! ” moans Quinn. “Why can’t I go with them? I’m better than all three of them! Plus, I haven’t been on an excursion in 43 years!”
“Quinn, you’re 15.”
Well, after a bit of collaborating The Three decide to let Quinn come with them. But of course if Quinn was going, then Aurora wanted to go, and if Aurora wants to go then Abella must go as well.
So now that that’s settled, the 6 of them grabbed their horses and rode off to begin their excursion.
“To Snickleforgabomshilifondo!”

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