Love in the dark

Sara never thought she’d fall in love. Her mother died when she was 8 and her stepfather was abusive. She had never known the defention of love. When she was 15 she met chase. He was from california and he was built like a model. He had sky blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
There was one problem. Sarah was blind. Of course her best friend described him to her, but she wished she could see his face. The only face that she could remember was her mothers and it was washing away to the back of her memory.
Every night Sara tossed and turned. She feared something would go wrong, what if I run into a wall??? she thought. And every day nothing bad happened.
One sunny day when sara was walikng home from school a group of guys circled around her and began to laugh. Of course being blind she was helpless. Suddenly the ring leader of the group yelled for all of them to stop. “i know that voice” sara thought…..No it couldnt be…......

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