Jake, I Miss You

So, where are you now Jake? Making money? What kind of job are you in? You know, ever since you left me we haven’t talked, but I asked Aliyah how you are doing. She told me you have a new girlfriend, again.

Don’t you ever stop? Was I just a piece in what’s happening to your life? Don’t you have a commitment to one girl?

I wanted to make you love me like I love you, loved you. But now, it looks like breaking up with me was right of you.

You know, the worst part is that Brian, you know, my new boyfriend, says I’m not open. I think I’m caught up in you still. The way you stroked my hair when we’d kiss and how you’d curve your mouth and smile when our lips met. Was I really in love?

Damn, it’s hard to stop loving you, thinking about you. How many times have I wished you were in bed next to me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, wrapping your arms around me, holding me so close.

Jake, I really do miss you.

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