Helen Roseberry (Perfection Contest)

Helen Roseberry was perfect in every way. She had perfect baby blue eyes that sparkled and shined. Helen possessed silky smooth, waist-length blond hair. She was shaped like a Roman goddess, the perfect form. Helen had no need to be anorexic, she was already the perfect weight. She did not stick out of the crowd, for Helen was of the average height; not to short and not to tall. Her skin was blemish-free, no freckles, zits, or pimples of any kind. Her hands, along with her skin, were as smooth as glass, and seemed as delicate as it too. Her feet were also smooth, not calloused. Helen was always dressed perfectly and all the boys wanted to date her. She also played the piano and she never made mistakes, ever. Even Helen’s piano teacher admired her. She never said a bad thing about anyone in her life and prayed for God and Jesus every night and never took their names in vain. She always made A’s on her papers and never bragged or boasted, not ask to see anyone else’s grades. This was why Helen was perfect.

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