LIFE {Hidden Message}

There’s only one Thing that bugs me mOre then inequality.
It seeMs to always stand in the way Of love. Blocking it’s eveRy move. But it also seems that no matteR hOw much hate there is, love Will always overtHrow it. It’s stronger. It meAns more. It unites uS. That’s somethiNg that makes me smile.
It’s like a Constant reminder that we all, nO matter what size or strength, will need that extra push soMetime in our life. WE cannot make it to be somebodY somEday withouT help. That’s what friendShip is for.
Friendship can mean different things tO everybody. There is no exact definition. But, everybody does know that friends are there for us. That’s called trust.
We need to trust others, Just like we need to be trUSTed. It Let’s us know the truth. Hence the word “trust”. We must trust fate to carry us In the right direction.
All these things haVe a name. Did you know that? It’s callEd

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