Pixies and Dust

Five feet away, and they still hadn’t noticed her. Could they even see her? She couldn’t imagine what would happen to her if the pixies were “evil.” That meant they could stay in her backyard even longer just to taunt her.

She sidled closer and bent down at her torso. Her eyes widened in shock when they stopped their childish dancing and looked up, directly at her. Their eyes blazed a whitish glow as they watched her curiously, their stances changing to that of near amazement.

Jay did her best to move, but it seemed the longer she tried to move, the harder it was to even blink. The light around the area seemed to brighten as the pixies glided away from the dark green grass. italic_This is insane_italic, Jay couldn’t help but think just before she turned into a daze.

“A stranger?” a soft voice barely above a whisper could be heard from the group of fairies.

“Come with us.” Another spoke, this one was a male fairy. His hair was long, shining, and his skin a dark tan.

Jay couldn’t look away.

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