Typical Sunday Morning

Eve felt a little better after she hung up with Dante. She let out a sigh and tucked herself into her sheets. She dozed in and out of sleep all night.

Around 3:30 am she heard her mother come in not so quietly. Her mother was most likely drunk. She ran into a wall or two on her way to the kitchen, and one more on her way to her bathroom. Eve heard her swallow her asprin and then drop onto her bed in her room. Her mother was asleep within minutes and Eve fell into a more restful sleep soon after.

Eve awoke late Sunday morning. She got up and walked to her mother’s bedroom. Her mom was, as expected, puking in her bathroom by now. Eve tied back her hair and set to work cleaning up her mother, then getting her back to bed. It was a typical Sunday morning, also her mother’s only day off.

Eve had had enough of her mother’s crap. She needed to just get away. Once deciding this she called Dante. He answered on the first ring.

“Run away with me? If only for today?” Eve asked as soon as he had said hello.

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