This is Why

I was walking down the side walk with Hayley. We were both laughing and talking, but then I realized something. I looked over to her.
“Hayley?” I said.
“Huh?” She said, I heard her turn to me.
“I really don’t know what you look like.”
“No? Don’t you already know?”
I point to my eyes. “You know you are talking to a blind, right?”
“Oh, sorry.”
“I sorta have to see by feeling.” I said self-consciously.
“Okay.” Hayley said in an understanding way. “Go ahead.”
I heard her step forward.
I reach out and my hand fell to her shoulder. I made my way up her soft neck, and then up to her pointed chin.
“Cupid’s bow lips, perfect nose.” I said quietly. “Almond shaped eyes, soft hair…”
“And a good boyfriend.” Hayley added, and kissed me.
I felt my face catch on fire. I grinned stupidly, and, with my hand still resting on her cheek, I felt her smile too.
This is why I love her.

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