RAB I Miss You (I Miss You Contest)

I called your old office, hoping someone knew what part of the country you were in.

We always managed to keep in contact, but alot of time went by and I had not heard from you.

When the phone rang, I just put out of my mind that the young lady in the office knew where you were and she offered to give you my phone number.

I heard your voice and all I knew went out of the window.

I did not know how much I missed you until I heard your sweet voice call me by the pet name you gave me almost forever ago.

I think we both did not realize how hard this would be.

You got married and then devoice but never told me.

“I need to see you, I missed you so much.” I told him this without thinking.

“I know, I miss my best friend to.”

At that moment what I was feeling was not as the love for my friend but as deep true love.

I guess all the years I ran from the truth because he was my best friend.

We ended the conversation with see ya soon, and not soon enough like old times…......

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