Life Without Music Isn't

It’s who you are

All of us get songs stuck in our heads. We all sway, spin, jump, boogie, shimmy, bob, swing, and move to music at parties and dances. We listen to music when we are with friends, when we’re on the computer, in the car, at work, or play.
What would the world be like without these sounds and lyrics that touch us all so deeply? We all have our favorite songs, bands, and artists. Just imagine if you couldn’t hear them? What a scary thought that is.
Because music is an extraordinary thing

It makes you dance like no one’s there
And it makes you sing because you just can’t keep it contained
Because it isn’t meant to be trapped inside.

It tells a story, and paints a picture in your mind
It reflects your mood, or the mood you wish you were in
It’s an excuse to express yourself
It’s an escape from the world around you
It can help you realize something you’ve never known
It inspires you

Music affects people in unique ways. Kind of like a poem or a story. So what does music mean to you?

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