My Puppy, I Miss You

I was so fast. Everything went on so fast.
You were my second dog. My puppy, not even a year old. One day I wanted you to go downstairs to be with my parents. I gave you a little nudge and you started down the stars. All of the sudden you loose balance and tumble down the stairs. You smack on the tile and don’t move. I screamed and ran down the stairs. I picked you up. You were so stiff, so frozen. We took you to the pet hospital. I knew this wasn’t good. You weren’t responding when I called your name. All you had was a faint heart beat. I cried in my moms arms as they took x- rays. You broke to spinal cords and would never be able to move or go to the bathroom again. We had a choice, either have a dog in constant pain that can’t go to the bathroom or take your pain away. We choose to take your pain away.
I will never forget you. I pushed my memories of you out to try to forget, my mistake. I may have a new dog, but you will always have a place in my heart. I miss you Sophie. My puppy.

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