Silently Screaming

I made my way down the hallway of St. John’s Highschool, the crowd and noisy hall that had been my home for the past year and a half. I had no idea that today’s sprint to English, would be my last. My morning had been as normal enough, but as far as normal would go living in a house of eight.
“Andrea! Get out of the bathroom! You’ve been in there for like ever!” Sydney shrieked until her face turned purple.
Sydney, being the youngest just wanted to get in and out. She’d just leave for Kinderhaven without brushing her hair or teeth, but mom was not about to let her “perfect angels” escape her watchful eye.
“Sydney, stop yelling. You’ll wake up the apocalypses!” Danny and Annie cried in unison.
The twins also had their issues, being just nine, but at least they weren’t like Drew. Drew was, well, different. He liked his music and that’s it. Besides his girlfriend who keeps harping on about going to college, when it’s an insult to the entire institution when she even whispers college.

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