Keeping CherryPop Safe

After that night my father changed a little. It was harder to get him to play with me or read to me. Seemed he was always busy in a meeting or off talking to the local vampires. When I finally managed to have him all to myself, he was distracted, always looking out the windows or in the shadowy corners of the room.

You never knew when or where a wizard would pop up. They’re pretty sneaky.

Now, don’t get me wrong about my dad. I grew up knowing that he and mom loved me to bits. They made sure of that. But our lives changed bigtime after that night. Dad had to work harder, making pacts with nearby covens and those local vamps in a bid to keep me safe. He was also doing his best to track down the other wizards involved in my aborted kidnapping. The one who killed Liam had died before dad could question him.

I didn’t know any of this of course. I mean come on, I was three. In my little world, Dad was just away on business a lot. But I had Liam and to give a zombie credit, he took the edge off missing my daddy.

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