Sister Dearest: Lovely Lora (I miss you)

My dearest darling, sister sweet, I swear one day, one day we’ll meet. I glance towards the clouds, these clouds of grey, and I swear to you lovely, forever I’ll pray. It was too soon to say goodbye, I never expected you to die.

My dearest darling, sister serene, I miss you so much, life’s like a ravine. I keep falling down, you’d pick me back up, but now that you’re gone, I miss you so much. You were my flight, but now I’m falling so fast, my wings of love ripped from my back.

Oh lovely Lora, you meant so much, to everyone close enough to touch. And even then, you reached out farther, to help along some stranger’s daughter. A foggy day, a ponderous truck, no one knew where you were, we miss you so much.

My wondrous dear, dearest wonder, I swear one day, we’ll dance in the thunder. Voices of rain, lightning brightens the sky, they all call your name, as i shriek ‘baby don’t die!’ Although I’ve lost my wings, others still proudly wear them, they bear me up softly, so I fly once again.

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