Silently Screaming Continued

“Wait! I yelled as some of the freshmen laughed at me.
Great. Another day, I’m going to have to walk and be late to English. Mr. Cummingfield is going to kill me. Literally.
Mr. Cummingfield is a four foot ten, seventy year old, somewhat bald teacher with dandruff. Yes dandruff, it’s especially sucks if you had to sit in the front row of his class when he periodically blows the dandruff off of his shoulders. Completely sick? Oh yeah, I think so.
As I entered the school, drenched from the rain, I began my sprint to English. Except today, it was different. I remember the smells and the silent hall. I started to walk slower and i looked around as the classrooms seemed to be deserted. Holy crap! Today’s English was supposed to be in the second building!
I quickly picked up my previous pace to get across the street to the second building. But the car cut me off short. I remember hearing the car horn blasting and seeing the lights. And then, it just happened so fast that i couldn’t think.

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