I miss you .. my love .. my friend

I miss you more than words can say. Your name still haunts me like a dream ive had time and time again. In my dreams your still here and your still full of life. I wake up realizing that your gone forever. That emptyness greets me every morning.

You left this earth before your time. You left us wondering why, you shrouded yourself in mystery. We only knew what we thought we knew about you.

Your life appeared to be so perfect. It seemed that you had it all. But little did we know you were hiding from us. You hid from the fact that you were really uhappy. You were afraid to be honest and admit that you are human. Your strength was your enemy. You wanted us all to beleive that you were some coragous person. But you held a dark secret you didnt reveal until you left this earth.

I miss you because I knew you, because I loved you. You opened up to me and you told me your secrets. And yet you betrayed me by leaving this earth. You ended our friendship with abruptness and a million unanswerd questions.

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