Rascal (I miss you.) [Yes, i'm enteirng my own contest. But it wont be counted]

Every morning, I would feel your furry body against mine. Your whiskers would tickle my nose, and you’d meow as if to say “Didja miss me?â€? I loved you, more than I can say.
So why’d you leave us, Rascal?
Why’d you just get up and leave?
Every morning I roll over, expecting to see my cat lying there, to give me a whisker kiss and meow good morning. But of course, you’re never there. For weeks, we put up posters, called your name, but you never came home.
And after these five months… you’re not coming home, are you?
You always were a little tiger, Rascal. Wherever you are, I can only hope you’re safe and happy, even if you’re no longer on Earth. And if you have a new family, all I can say is they dont know how lucky they are, and I hope you never ever forget us.

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