Recipe For Disaster

Today Julie decided to bake a cake for mom’s birthday. What could go wrong you ask? pause Everything.

Acorns,” Julie called out.
Acorns,” I replied, “But who puts acorns in a birthday cake?”
“Well mom says she loves corn, but I couldn’t find any.”
I cringed. Corn in cake? Ew.
Julie continued, “Now hand me that peanut butter.”
I knew better than to ask and handed her the peanut butter.
“Now open the oven,” Julie commanded.
I glanced around nervously around the ocean wallpapered room and opened the oven.
Julie stuck a broken thermometer into the cake and glanced at the analog clock hanging on the wall.
“You can go out now.” she said.
I left. An hour later, I came back into the kitchen. Glass shards were everywhere and so was the cake.

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