Oh Thank Heaven For 7/11!

I don’t think I’ve been more happy to see a 7/11 in my life. Nick apparently saw his Mom’s car because he immediately took the lead. It was a green minivan, not very special.
I saw the door open and Nick climbed in and pulled me inside.
“You guys OK?” Mrs. Jonas asked.
We flopped back and mumbled incoherent responses. Kevin handed us drinks, cranberry juice.
After regaining the capability to talk I thanked him. “Hey, how did you know Cranberry is my favorite?” I asked.
He smiled. “Well, that’s what Mandy always liked I didn’t actually think about it.”
“How long did we take?” Nick asked Joe.
“Um…” Joe looked at his watch. “Eleven minutes.”
“Wow,” I said.
“It felt like forever!” Nick exclaimed.
“I don’t know what you guys were thinking!” Mrs. Jonas cried, turning onto the highway.
“Honestly, neither do I.” I admitted. “Please, don’t let me do that again!” I pleaded.
Everyone laughed.
“Thank You, Wes.” Mrs. Jonas said again.
“Anytime.” I grinned.
I looked at my watch and gasped.
1:49 AM

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