Red Star (Darius and Buck)

Darius, and Buck followed the one legged mate, as they walked up the plank to the Red Star.

“Boy get out the way, it’s time we made sail find your self a hole and crawl into it.”

“Huh, what you say, hole,crawl into it!”

Darius, did not realize that the language was that of pig latin and alot of swearing.

He thought about the map he had hidden in the black leather case. If anything he knew he could not let them know he had it.

Darius and Buck watch the would be pirates make way for sea.

Then out of no where the voice of one that sounded like the rushing waters it’s self.


It was the captain, he stood at the wheel, looking out to sea.
One hand on his jacket and the other behind him. He had a wicked and crooked grin. He wore black hat, black coat, black boots with silver spurs. His eyes was cold as coal.

Spurs% x%x *

Darius and Buck did not know where they were going but the ship set sail and they were off into the unknown to find….

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